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BENSINGH Narrative Illustrations

The Other Side - STRY CARD

The Other Side - STRY CARD

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- A5 (14,8x21 cm)
- Black and white story postcard
- FocusCard linnen 300g 

MADE WITH FEAR is a series of narrative illustrations about the fears of BENSINGH.

I was trying to set my personal record, for a 10k run.
I passed one of those tall factory chimneys and decided to challenge my fear of heights that instant.

As I was getting closer I had to make sure no one spotted me.
This was because the chimney was on a private property.

I started the climb…

The higher I got the more my body started to protest.
My body was shaking and I had to command my arms and legs out loud 
to move.

In the meantime I saw two dogs patrolling the area,
so I had to stay up there.

After a while I continued to climb, to the top of the chimney.
I could touch the sky.

My fear was replaced with amazement. 
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Stories share experiences, experiences create understanding.